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  • Residential and Commercial Painting

    No paint job is too small or too big for our painting contractors from MGP Painting to handle. We can add color and beauty back into the exterior or interior of your commercial or residential property in no time. Call us today so we can get started on high quality residential and commercial painting services.

  • Interior and Exterior Painting

    Transform the appearance of the inside or outside of your property by having our skilled painters deliver top of the line painting services. Pick from our broad selection of paint colors and our team will handle the rest. Call us today so we can get started on your paint job. We ensure a beautiful and satisfying finish.

  • Carpentry

    For all of your carpentry needs rely on MGP Painting. Our team is known for the craftsmanship and work ethic that we put into carpentry tasks. We can help you with cabinet work, crown moldings, and much more. Call us today and schedule an appointment with our specialists.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

    The cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom make for a great difference in your property. Install the latest cabinet styles to your property by working with MGP Painting. We can have your new and improved kitchen and bathroom cabinets installed in no time. Call us now so we can get started on a cost efficient installation.

  • Drywall Installation and Repairs

    Drywall is great as a wall finish because it is fire resistant and energy efficient. If you are looking for a remarkable wall finish, have our crew from MGP Painting deliver high class drywall installation. We also specialize in drywall repairs if your current drywall has any cracks or holes. Call us now so we can restore it.

  • Window Installation

    Get your new and innovative windows installed efficiently, securely, and attentively. Our specialists at MGP Painting specialize in window installation. We are fully equipped and trained to handle all of your window installations perfectly and without scratches. Call us now to learn more.

  • Decks

    Decks are ideal for creating the perfect space in your backyard where you can enjoy a beverage of choice, spend time with family, or even entertain guests. Look into our deck style and design options at MGP Painting and find the best deck for your backyard. Call us today so we can begin.

  • Siding

    Siding can help increase the curb appeal of any residential or commercial property, not to mention how siding can actually benefit you in the sense that it is energy efficient. Pick from our broad assortment of siding options- -ranging in materials and color. Talk to our experts today to see what siding option is best for you.

  • Wood Floors

    For your residential or commercial property to have natural beauty, consider installing wood floors. Wood floors have been around for centuries, and it can be owed to their beauty, strength, and prestige. Get high class wood floors installed to your residence by working with us today.

  • Power Washing

    Get rid of dirt and grime and achieve a spotless deck, driveway, exterior wall, or even patio. Through our power washing services from MGP Painting you can get rid of all the dirt and debris that is stuck between cracks or difficult to reach areas, without hassle and with great results.